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San Francisco Viking Ski Club

P.O. Box 330484
San Francisco, CA  94133-0484

(530) 426-1231
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About San Francisco Viking Ski Club

The Vikings are a small family oriented club with a cabin in the Donner Summit area of the Sierra Nevada. We have a mixture of married and single members of all age ranges, including some members who helped built the club cabin in 1946 and are still active in the club. We have a limited number of activities in the summer, and mostly the cabin is used by members during the week and on the weekends as a base for skiing and or other outdoor activities.

Quick Facts
Year Started   1938
Fee   $75
Members   96
Age Range   7 - 84
Must Be 21?  
Has Racing Team  
Has Own Lodge  
Club Focus
Cross Country  
Extreme Skiing  
Club Caters to:
Disabled Skiers  
Men ONLY  
Women ONLY  

San Francisco Viking Ski Club Contact Information

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Area Served

We have a limit to the area in which the prospective member must reside. It is within 50 miles of San Francisco. This is mostly because members must attend a minimum of three meetings a year, and most of them are held in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Regular meetings are the first Wednesday of the month, at 8PM at the Bayshore Corporate Center, conference room, 1710 S. Amphlett Blvd., San Mateo. Other meetings are scheduled at the Xmas/Awards and June Installation of Officers Dinners, a September Picnic, and sometimes one is held at the cabin during the summer work parties.


Prospective members must attend at least one meeting and stay at least one weekend at the cabin before they may submit a membership application. There is a $25 application fee. The first years' fees include a $125 initiation fee and a years' dues of $75,less the $25 application fee. The application process takes three months, as the application must be read twice at the Board meeting before being voted upon at a third meeting. Members must attend at least three meetings a year and attend at least one work party at the cabin to maintain active membership.

Trips & Events

Most visits by members to the cabin are individual, we do not have bus trips or group activities except for the mandatory work parties to repair/maintain the cabin in the summer and the annual Christmas Dinner and June Installation of Officers dinner.

Upcoming Trips & Events

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