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One Love Ski and Snowboard Club

2020 E. 900 S.
Salt lake city, UT  84108

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About One Love Ski and Snowboard Club

A long time ago, some dude strapped a board to each foot and slid around on some snow. Thus skiing was born. A while later, some other dude put the boards together. And there was snowboarding. And for some reason, they decided not to get along.

At least, a lot of people seem to think so. But a few years ago, the officers and volunteers of the former U Snowboard Association came to a realization: We all slide around the snow with boards on our feet. So why not form ONE organization -- ONE community -- to promote what we have in common: Our passion for riding. That’s how the U Ski and Snowboard Club – OneLove – came to be.

The more we thought about it, the more sense it made. We ride at the same places; many of us ride together, regardless of how many boards are involved; we frequent the same shops, and enjoy similar events; we all love fresh pow, sick jumps, and that really cool sound a rail makes when you grease it. By forming a single organization with more members, we knew we would be better able to persuade shops and resorts to support the club. In just our first year, this allowed us to hand on significant discounts on gear and passes to our members, while making strong relationships with businesses for the future.

And we’re just getting started on the true goal of OneLove: A strong, united rider community at the U. We have big plans to bring together our crew of over a 1000 boarders, skiers, telemarkers, and sliding snow sport enthusiasts in general throughout the year to enjoy the passion we all share. And also big plans to show what a strong rider community is capable of giving back to the community. The U Ski and Snowboard Club is where two of the rowdiest, most enthusiastic groups of students at our school combine, Voltron style. The result is our vision – OneLove.

Quick Facts
Year Started   2006
Fee   $10
Members   1200
Age Range   17-28
Must Be 21?  
Has Racing Team  
Has Own Lodge  
Club Focus
Cross Country  
Extreme Skiing  
Club Caters to:
Disabled Skiers  
Men ONLY  
Women ONLY  

One Love Ski and Snowboard Club Contact Information

One Love Ski and Snowboard Club website One Love Ski and Snowboard Club Website

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Area Served

Covers the Utah region, Unviersity of Utah students, Salt Lake Community College students, and expanding




$10 to receive shirt, and discounts to utah resorts, ski & board shops, proforms and huge discounts for,, and other snowsports manufacturers including : Skullcandy, smith, scott, bluehouse skis, surface skis, and more!

Trips & Events

08/09 Member Benefits

$10 gets you:
Discounted season passes (less than the college student rate):
Snowbird for $469 (chairs) or $599 (tram) (Still available!)
Brighton for $449 (Deadline passed...)
Park City for $425 (Deadline passed...)
Canyons for $365 (Deadline passed...)
Alta for $649 (Deadline passed...)
Discounts to local ride shops:
Phatty hook ups with:
Skullcandy (50% off) (email us for details) (25% off, email us for details) (10% off)
Davansa's Pizza SLC Location (20% off with OneLove card)
More on the way
Badass Club T-shirt
Tons of fall movie premieres
Rail jams and on-resort comps
Mystery bonuses!

Upcoming Trips & Events

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