Monroe Ski Club (formerly Monroe Y Ski Club)

PO Box 67637
Rochester, NY  14617

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About Monroe Ski Club (formerly Monroe Y Ski Club)

Monroe Ski Club is a group of 100 people who love to play in the snow; sliding, gliding and riding on boards of all shapes and styles. From this common interest has grown a long history of men and women sharing good times throughout the year.

Beginning in 1951 as a group of people taking ski lessons together, the club was formed to obtain group discounts at the local ski areas! But the fun refused to stop as the snow melted. Their legacy is now an enthusiastic ski club in Rochester, New York, USA, with our members skiing and snowboarding near and far; and enjoying the camaraderie in hiking, golfing, and skating, and at picnics, plays, and sporting events.

Check out our activities in the events pages to see what we are up to lately. We meet regularly and publish a periodic newsletter to keep members informed of upcoming activities. Contact us to learn how you can become an active member in our club.

So check us out, in person, at one of our regular meetings or email. You might also find us on the slopes and trails, where many of us have souvenir ribbons fluttering in the wind.

We hope to welcome you soon!

Quick Facts
Year Started   1951
Fee   $18
Members   100
Age Range   21-80
Must Be 21?  
Has Racing Team  
Has Own Lodge  
Club Focus
Cross Country  
Extreme Skiing  
Club Caters to:
Disabled Skiers  
Men ONLY  
Women ONLY  

Monroe Ski Club (formerly Monroe Y Ski Club) Contact Information

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Area Served

Social events take place in western New York State and nearby Canada.

Trips include skiing in New York, New England, Quebec, and annually to major resorts in western North America.


Regular meetings are held 6 months during the year, within Monroe County, and numerous other events are scheduled throughout the year.

Meeting info is maintained on our web's events pages. Other kinds of events are also described on these pages at


Age must be 21 or over. See Membership page at

Trips & Events

Trips and events are described on our web site.

Upcoming Trips & Events

There are currently no events for this area, add yours today.