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Valley Ski Club

R.D. # 2
Box 169
Sayre, PA  18810

(866) 839-5328 / (866) 839-5328
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About Valley Ski Club

Are you an outdoor type? Do you favor the cold weather; how about warm weather? Are you wondering what the $%#$ there is to do around here?

Well, there is a group of fun-seekers lurking around the area called the Valley Ski Club. It got the Valley name because it originated in the Sayre/Athens or "valley" area. The Valley area is located in the Pennsylvania Endless Mountains, Bradford County, Pa.. The Ski is either a reference to the founders' ethnic background, or suggests our inclination toward x-country and downhill skiing. However, since we don't always get the requisite snow dumps to slide on, and because summer does come most every year (really it does!), we supplement the slippery activities with such foolishness as hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, white water rafting, mountain biking, water skiing, winery touring, misc. parties, camping, and just about anything that can be done as a group.

The club is pretty informal, meets on an occasional basis, and schedules events whenever the urge strikes. Communications are provided via a “Yahoo Group” at, an occasional newsletter, word of mouth, e-mail, and some phone networking. We maintain a treasury for booking accommodations and events. There is an executive board that guides the club activities. Finally, we are a social oasis in the desolate desert of domesticity. If you enjoy an outdoor activity and want to organize it, we will help you with that outdoor activity to make it a successful event.

You may also drop a line to the address above, or call one of the numbers below and we'll get you more info. on meetings, trips, or answer any questions you may have.

Jerry Foreman - Club Prezzzzz (570-596-3436) or (866-839-5328)
Jack Ryan - informal recruiter and party purveyor (570-888-4112)

Quick Facts
Year Started   1980
Fee   $0
Members   50
Age Range   18-75
Must Be 21?  
Has Racing Team  
Has Own Lodge  
Club Focus
Cross Country  
Extreme Skiing  
Club Caters to:
Disabled Skiers  
Men ONLY  
Women ONLY  

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No membership dues or restrictions except to belong to our yahoo group at All club events arranged thru our yahoo group web site and personal e-mail.

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