Norway Mountain

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Norway, MI  US
Contact Info / Directions
(800) 272-5445 / (800) 272-5445
Snow Not Open
Vertical 500 Ft / 152 M
Peak Ticket   $39.00
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About Norway Mountain

Norway Mountain is your family ski and snowboard resort. With 2 terrain parks, exceptional snow having the largest beginner learning area in the U.P, Norway Mountain is a great place to learn to ski and snow board and has fun for the entire family. Norway Mountain is located just 95 miles north of Green Bay, WI in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Skiing and Snowboarding at Norway Mountain

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Norway Mountain rating reviews Norway

Customer service means nothing to them, I have never met a group of people that treat skiers as you are here to support what we want to do. Try Pine Mountain or Brule, such a better experience. ...More

Norway Mountain rating reviews Great place for beginner kids

We took our 4 year old daughter here when she was learning to ski. A great place for kids to learn. Well groomed hills and smooth lifts make it a fun experience for kids. We are certainly going back!...More

Norway Mountain rating reviews friendly, easy access and price is right.

Caters to all skill levels. Small town atmosphere and the food is good....More

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Norway Mountain Address

N2090 Brier Mountain Rd
PO Box 37
Norway, MI  US

Norway Mountain Phone Numbers

(800) 272-5445 / (800) 272-5445