Penitentary Glen

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Kirtland, OH  US
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(440) 256-1404

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About Penitentary Glen

Penitentairy Glen is a Lake Metropark located about 22 miles east of Cleveland in Kirtland, Ohio. It's actually makes a much better park to walk through, although they do offer some XC skiing, and the area is located in the heart of the snowbelt. The centerpiece of the area is a beautiful scenic gorge, complete with a scenic stream with waterfalls and ice-flows down the sides of the gorge. The only grooming here is done by other skiers, and many of the main trails are walked on, especially if the weather is warm. The area also offers a very nice nature center, as well as wildlife center for injured birds. In the summer, the "mini railroad" takes visitors on a small tour of the park.

Trail Descriptions

Glen Meadow Loop- (.5 miles) This trail is paved, so avoid it unless there is ample snow. The trail is basically flat, and rolls through the meadow.

Rabbit Run Loop- (.75 miles) A dirt / stone that runs along the road and at the edge of the forest.

Gorge Rim Loop- (1 mile) An easy wooded trail that rolls over a few dips along the side of the gorge.

Babolink Loop- (1 mile) An easy trail , with the exception of a very difficult hill (due to the steps and grade). Makes for a nice scenic run, but its probably better to carry your skis down the hill.


Take I-90 to Rt. 306 (The Mentor / Kirtland Exit), and turn south. Drive about 1 mile down the big hill, and make a left at the bottom on to Kirtland-Chardon Rd.. Go through the stop and continue straight for about 2 miles. The park is on the right.

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8668 Kirtland-Chardon Rd.
Kirtland, OH  US

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(440) 256-1404