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Dayton, ME   Contact Info / Directions
(207) 499-2678

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About Harris Farm

Harris Farm X-C Ski Center in located in southern Maine on an operating Dairy and Tree Farm.The trails are groomed daily for skating and classical skiing.We offer a snack bar with a light lunch served on the weekends,The ski rental shop is available for rentals and ski repairs.

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Harris Farm rating reviews Southern Maine Gem for Nordic 1-8-13

Very friendly place to ski with great value. Condition were almost perfect. Some ice in areas where there has been some melting and re-freezing. Great place for an afternoon ski if you scoot out of work early as I did today. ...More

Harris Farm rating reviews Impressive

Skied on 1-22-12 and was impressed witht he conditions. Trails were in excellect shape. Very little ice encountered even witht he recent warm temperatures. This is a small farm, but they offer great skiing at a great price. ...More

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280 Buzzell Road
Dayton, ME  

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(207) 499-2678