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About Brooks-Range

Brooks-Range is a mountaineering equipment company located in Fremont, Calif., providing innovative, top-quality backcountry gear for professional mountain and ski guides, alpinists and backcountry travelers.

The company was founded in 1995 by Matt Brooks, a Certified Mountain Guide and long-term board member and officer of the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). In taking his Certified Ski Guide course, he found the available equipment to be inadequate; it was too large, heavy and cumbersome. Looking for alternative solutions, he invented the Emergency Rescue Sled and the Ski Guide Cards (also known as SGCs). The first set consisted of four double-sided typed cards that he laminated at home. His fellow ski guides and recreational skiers saw what he had made for himself and asked if they could have a set. At first he gave copies just to friends, but after a very short while, demand became so great, he started selling the products. Each subsequent year, Brooks modified and improved his existing products and design new products where he found a gap in what was available in the marketplace.

Brooks-Range was only sold to the professional market until early 2007 when the company decided to seek retailer accounts. Today, Brooks-Range has more than 95 percent of the professional market in the U.S. for its rescue sled and map tools and is quickly growing in the consumer marketplace.

Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment is dedicated to bringing the best quality merchandise and service possible to outdoor adventurers. They are tested by some of the world's top mountaineering and backcountry professionals, who serve on the Brooks-Range Advisory Board, including:

  • Freddy Grossniklaus - Owner/Chief Guide, Swiss Rock Guides
  • Rob Hess - Owner, Chief Guide, Jackson Hole Mountain Guides
  • Tom Murphy - Executive Director, American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education
  • Jean Pavillard - Owner/Chief Guide, Adventures to the Edge, Ltd.
  • Bela Vadasz - Owner/Chief Guide, Alpine Skills International

Brooks-Range began operations in 1995

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New Gear From Brooks-Range This Season

The Brooks-Range All-In-One Ultralite Rescue Sled - constructed in high-tech ultralight-weight rip-stop nylon fabric; weighs just 12 oz.; measures 6’ x 11’ x 1” when folded. This system has been independently tested by ski guides, SAR professionals and adventurers and has proven to be the most dependable, sturdy platform available for emergency transport in the backcountry. MSRP: $238.00

Brooks-Range Backcountry Sharktooth Shovel - weighs only 1 lb, 12 oz.; heavy-duty D-grip handle; 44” telescoping lightweight aluminum shaft provides the longest reach on the market; 15” x 10” scoop is made of tempered aluminum and has “deadman” holes for use as an emergency anchor, as well as an optional serrated “Sharktooth” edge that makes short work of the toughest ice and hard pack. All blades include quick reference laser-engraved graphics that show companion avalanche rescue information. MSRP: $ 40.00 ($50.00 with Sharktooth edge).

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Brooks-Range - Their Specialties

“Brooks-Range innovates by focusing on quality, not quantity,” said Matt Brooks, President of Brooks-Range. “When I started this company back in 1995, I found that the equipment I was using in my Certified Mountain Guide courses was cumbersome. I decided to create products better suited for backcountry adventures that would give outdoor enthusiasts the tools they really need. The new Ultralite Brooks-Range rescue sleds and tarps, as well as our backcountry toolkits and equipment, will make any adventurer better prepared.”

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