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The next big thing in the snow sports industry. The Slider Corporation would like to introduce to you our patent legendary iCycle our newest mofel Kong S.75 which can be customized to meet your individual riding requirements. Our product is built with the highest quality materials, to include alloy parts, shocks, and skis; we use only the finest components to ensure rider design performance. The Slider Corporation snow sport has similarities to snowboarding, skiing, motocross, BMX biking, surfing and skateboarding.

The Slider Corporation understands people who love extreme sports. We are committed to improving riding safety. This sport has developed into its own world cup event in Europe and will now make its way throughout the U.S. & Canada to be seen at a number of extreme snow events in the upcoming seasons, and at every turn we will be promoting this as the next Xtreme Olympic event.

The Slider Corporation would like to partner with you as we introduce this winter recreation sport, which, through our marketing strategy contacts and sponsorship, will become the next X-game sport for your customer base and ours.

The Slider Corporation began operations in 2001

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Our patent product snow sport has similarities to snowboarding, skiing, motocross, BMX biking, surfing and skateboarding but with little or no learning curve.

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Product Launch January 27,28,29,30th 2009 SIA Demo at Stevens Pass Washington.

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