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About Gordini

Gordini is known for making some of the warmest gloves available in the market. Their use of both Naturaloft ®, a goose down / synthetic blend, and Lavawool ™, a wool /synthetic blend, enables the brand to offer more protection against the elements to different parts of the hand.

Gordini socks feature the Lavawool moisture-management system, which earned them Gore-Tex’s “Stamp of Approval”. After being tested by Gore-Tex®, Gordini’s Lavawool® fiber was found to have a superior ability to not only wick moisture away from the foot, but to then disperse of that moisture after it has been wicked away. The socks were tested for breath-ability, moisture management and drying time. In all three areas Gordini’s Lavawool® fiber outperformed other fibers that were tested. The new Lavawool sock line has styles which are perfect for walking, running, training, hiking, biking, skiing and snowboarding.

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New Gear From Gordini This Season

Gordini has always been is on the forefront of technologies using advanced materials to make some of the highest performance gloves available for a range of winter activities. Gordini employees are outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy and respect the outdoors so it is only logical that our designers see the importance of going green, and producing a new line made from recycled materials. Gordini spares no effort to use recycled materials as often as possible and to combine them with natural materials such as goose down, silk, pure wool, natural leathers, charcoal and bamboo. To reduce pollution during the manufacturing process, Gordini uses solvent free laminates. Some of the recycled materials used to produce the new line are one and three layer fabrics, leashes, webbing belts, insulations, linings, outer shells, palms and laminates.

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