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About Ortovox

ORTOVOX has been the number one-selling avalanche transceiver and winter outdoor safety equipment brand for over 25 years. Backcountry safety equipment from ORTOVOX is the most complete line in the industry and includes: 5 models of avalanche transceivers (including the revolutionary s1 with real-time display), 10 shovels, 12 different avalanche probes, safety plate and bivy bags. ORTOVOX backpacks are designed with special features for use by backcountry skiers, freeriders, snowboarders and snowmobiliers. Socks and gloves, as well as functional underwear made of 100% Merino wool, complete the ORTOVOX product line for active outdoor enthusiasts. Feel free – feel safe – feel ORTOVOX.

Ortovox began operations in 1980

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New Gear From Ortovox This Season

Ortovox introduces the s1 avalanche transceiver, the word's first beacon with electronic signal separation for easy, multiple-burial scenarios - and no confusing search techniques to master. This new technology can simultaneously scan all signals in an avalanche area with error-free signal distinction. The s1 simultaneously locates several signals and represent them graphically on a large, illuminated display indicating their position and distance. Updating the relative position of each in real-time. Other features include an electronic compass, temperature information, inclinometer, and depth of burial.

Additionally, Ortovox has a new digital, triple antenna avalanche transceiver - the d3. This beacon features a large digital range, multiple-burial indication and a new carrying system. The entire line of avalanche probes have been improved with the new patented flash assembly (.pfa). This new probe tensioning system ensures the quickest probe assembly available.

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Ortovox - Their Specialties

ORTOVOX has developed a sophisticated line of products with safety features designed to enhance the snow experience. They are the pioneering company that advanced the state-of-the-art of avalanche transceivers to the level it is today. ORTOVOX is continually on the cutting edge of technology to improve ease of use, speed, distance, and multiple-burial retrieval. Their products encompass the broadest range of backcountry safety equipment available today.

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