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About FUSE Snowskate

FUSE produces the FUSE brand snowskate. This is the original 4 ski design patented by Paul Elkins. The snowskates are essentially four skis in place of wheels on a skateboard. There is also specially designed grip for use in winter and wet conditions. The FUSE Snowskate turns flat; it does not turn on an edge like a snowboard or even other snowskates. This allows greater stability and control than other "snowskates" The skates were designed and refined over the years by lifelong skater and x pro snowboarder, Paul Elkins. FUSE is a performance driven company with the goal of replicating skateboarding on snow. The simple reason for this is that it opens up a whole new realm of terrain to skate. The FUSE brand snowskate has been carefully designed to ollie like a real skateboard. The ability to pop the board off the snow over or on obstacles is what truly sets this product apart from the rest. With the ollie, any flip trick is possible. The skis have also been carefully placed to allow board, nose, and tail slides. An internal spring system keeps the skis level when performing tricks or ridding a rail.

FUSE Snowskate began operations in 2004

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New Gear From FUSE Snowskate This Season

The FUSE 4X4 skis have been updated with a new spring assembly, fully laminated sintered bases, and Spike Mat System decks on all Complete Skates. And, of course FUSE is looking hot with all new ski and deck graphics.

Where to Buy FUSE Snowskate Online

You can also purchase FUSE Snowskate directly from their website

FUSE Snowskate - Their Specialties

FUSE Snowskate Co. is out to shake things up. No other product allows true skateboarding on snow. FUSE has performed and documented something that has never been seen or done...EVER. This brand of snowskating represents a new realm of getting radical on snow.

FUSE Snowskate Service

This season marks the launch of the FUSE Base Camp program. Select resorts will host a snowskate park in their base areas. Park features include banks, bumps, jumps, hips, boxes, rails, etc. Participating resorts are highlighted on the FUSE and Snowboarder Mag websites and become a stop on the FUSE demo tour. Look for FUSE at Winter X Games for a demo area including custom FUSE snowskate park and demo tent.

FUSE Snowskate Certifications

Check fusesnow.com for product availability and specials.

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