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About Rip Curl

Rip Curl is a company for surfers. Across the waves of our waters to the white winter wonderlands of our mountains, we're searching and striving for the best our world has to offer. We're also offering our surfing brothers and sisters the kind of products they need to complete their journeys. Products offered include mountainwear, streetwear, footwear, watches, wetsuits and accessories.

Rip Curl began operations in 1969

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New Gear From Rip Curl This Season

Rip Curl's 2007/2008 line contains three series; Ultimate, Core and Rider.
The Ultimate Series is hands down the absolute top of the range with ultimate materials and the newest technologies. This series is geared for the most demading rider and includes only the features you need. The Ultimate Series uses the latest in Gore-Tex Outerwear giving you breathable protection from the elements.

The Core Series contains everything a well-rounded rider needs from fully taped seams to music-management pockets. Materials used in this series include Toray Entrant Dermizax, a high endurance material specially engineered to breath much like your skin while being waterproof at the same time.

The Rider Series is designed especially for the rider on a tight budget, giving you maximum function for your money. The RT-Fortress materials used in this series provide maximum durability and functionality.

Rip Curl - Their Specialties

In Rip Curl 'The Search' drives our passion to design superior products for extreme conditions. This season we're turning the volume up on the search with our new marketing campaign 'My Search' where our riders express what it is they're searching for in life. For one the search might be a gold medal in the olympics for another a rail that has not been done before, a backcountry line, inner peace, you name it, it's your search. During this quest you need ultimate products to protect you, products that have been tested to the limits of the search and beyond...and that's where the new 2007/2008 Fall Winter line comes in.

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