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About Rome Snowboards

The Rome SDS exists to integrate technology and aesthetics into category-leading snowboard products, while simultaneously keeping snowboarding rooted in the key value system that has defined it since the late 80s—a value system based on fun, irreverence, and self-determination. Rome designs and manufacturers snowboards, bindings, boots, outerwear, gloves, travel bags, backpacks, t-shirts, hoodies and various accessories, all designed in lock-step with the core direction of snowboarding.

Rome Snowboards began operations in 2001

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New Gear From Rome Snowboards This Season

Reverse Camber Snowboards

Artifact 1985
For effortless butters, 5-0s, and nose presses, Rome unveils the Artifact 1985. But it’s more than a catch-free, play-around board. Since flat-ground ollies and pop off the lip of a jump are super important, we given it a new twist on reverse-camber flex profile. To give the reverse camber tip and tail a little extra ollie pop, Rome maps carbon in the midline.

Notch 1985
As with the Artifact 1985, the approach of the Notch 1985 is rooted in that epic year Kidwell introduced his historic reverse-camber pro model. But the Notch 1985 isn’t designed for flat-ground and box butter bonanzas—this board infuses 1985 reverse-camber geometry with lightweight, high-tech construction for floating turns and dropping your landing gear in deep snow. Like Kidwell’s design, the Notch 1985 revolutionizes the switch approach shredding—in powder. We’ve given it Centerline Twin PowerAmp Technology for more pop in the tip and tail.

Rome Snowboards - Their Specialties

The Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate is a brand built on the ideal of putting snowboarders in control of snowboarding by listening to other 100-day riders.

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