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About Airboard

We call it a snow bodyboard. Others call it "Sled Zeppelin." The Airboard is the first all mountain snow bodyboard. Riding the Airboard chest down, you carve turns by shifting your body weight.

The Airboard’s comfort, stopping ability, and control at speed makes it fun to snow-surf the same terrain as skiers and snowboarders. Snow bodyboarding is easy to learn and there is plenty of opportunity for extreme riding.

Airboards ride in most conditions – powder, sugar, corn, packed. Free float a powder run. Carve power-slides down fast packed snow. Catch air.

Airboards are inflatable giving riders built in shock absorption for a more comfortabl ride. They are made from a non-stretch durable, coated reinforced nylon material giving them a stable chassis for amazing control. All seams are RF welded.

Packing down into a 12"x16"x3" bag and weighing about 6.5 lbs the Airboard is lightweight and easy to carry.

Airboard began operations in 2000

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New Gear From Airboard This Season

We now have three new Airboard colors: Platinum, Ice and Bronze.

Where to Buy Airboard Online

You can also purchase Airboard directly from their website

Airboard - Their Specialties

Our product is the first all mountain snow bodyboard. The control Airboards offer is amazing. The Airboards offer a high degree of control, comfort and portability that no other sled-like device on the market offers. On an Airboard you can snow-surf similar terrain as skiers and snowboarders.

Airboard Service

We are working hard to develop snow bodyboarding access at snow parks and ski areas. There are several ski areas now offering access in the US. Check out for the latest news in mountain access in the North America and Europe.

You can also use Airboards in the backcountry, your local sledding hill or your backyard. All you need is snow and a slope, and a pair of snowshoes if you are looking for that a long perfect run down!

Airboard Certifications

Our Airboards are TUV and GS certified, which are very high European quality certifications for consumer products.

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