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As glove specialist with a 70 year lasting corporate history that is driven by traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art innovation we regard it as our premier goal to always create the appropriate glove for any purpose, any challenge, any situation and each type of sportsmen and women.

Reusch began operations in 1934

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New Gear From Reusch This Season

The Solaris Glove and Mitten: Thanks to extremely small and light-weight technology components one can enjoy perfect thermal comfort without sacrificing wearing comfort. The little added weight of about 70 grams per glove is barely noticeable! Heat is spread evenly across the glove. This ensures that you don't have just a point source of heat, but the entire hand will be warmed. An integrated heat sensor permanently monitors the temperature inside the glove. It's the intelligent heart of the system, since the sensor knows when it's time to heat. With this design, we achieve a longer battery life - compared to conventional heated gloves - though the batteries are much smaller. An optical control (LED) shows which mode is currently active. Using the supplied battery charger the system can be recharged quickly. COLD HANDS? NEVER AGAIN! Just press the button and your hands will be comfortably warm.

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Don’t ask for a glove! ask for Reusch. Enjoy the perfect ski day - with always warm fingers.

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sub-C: the highest product standard for an optimum comfort climate especially at very low temperatures.

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Official supplier of the US ski team

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