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About MTL Snowboards

We at MTL Snowboards have a "NEW LOOK~ NEW FEEL~ NEW RIDE" to bring to the snowboarding industry. MTL understands snowboarders are cutting edge and like to push the limits. With that in mind, MTL has pushed the limits with designs and technology and came up with a cutting edge look and feel from an ordinary snowboard. MTL uses newfound technology to produce a flexible, lightweight metal blanket for our snowboard designs.

The metal coating affects the whole snowboard as a single unit and enhances the performance of your ride. With the metal coating you get better damping properties, stiffer torsional flex, camber memory stays absolute, and is like having a protective armor coating on your board which translates to no delamination of your top sheet when you bump into things like rocks, tree stumps, and other boarders or skiers. Each snowboard is individually handcrafted and 100% made in America by us.

Express your own personal style with MTL Snowboards. "MTL, Our only competition is Ourselves!"

MTL Snowboards began operations in 2001

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New Gear From MTL Snowboards This Season

AVIATOR SERIES- Polished aluminum, ultra light weight board that resembles a DC3 fuselage wth rivets around the perimeter. Definitely born to fly.
SCRAP METAL- Intentional joints and rivets that you can actually feel. Not a cartoon graphic. Nickel/Silver finish. Definitely industrial to the hilt.
RECYCLE- Iron Ore metal with a rust patina. Rivets included in for that industrial look. Kinda like you discovered an old abandoned shack in the mountains and used the metal siding to create a snowboard from. Just a thought.

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You can also purchase MTL Snowboards directly from their website

MTL Snowboards - Their Specialties

Currently and probably for a long time now we are the only snowboard company offering this type of snowboard with the real 95% metal coating.

In the near future you'll be seeing the typical brushed metal laminates with die-cut design snowboards from the other guys that look pretty weak. Our snowboards have seamless metal designs that cannot be duplicated. Too many descriptions from our riders to put into words here. Go to our testimonial section on our website and see for yourselves.

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