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About Ski Bones

Ski Bones hold the tips and tails of all types of skis together making carrying skis and storing them much easier. The Ski Bones center strap keeps the bases apart so they don't rub and scratch. This is very important to maintaining good ski base quality and great performance.

Ski Bones are available at over 400 ski retailers in the US and Canada. If your local ski retailer does not carry Ski Bones order Ski Bones online at

Ski Bones began operations in 1988

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New Gear From Ski Bones This Season

Ski Bones for 08-09 are made of 100% recyclable surgical grade thermo rubber.

Where to Buy Ski Bones Online

You can also purchase Ski Bones directly from their website

Ski Bones - Their Specialties

Ski Bones are made in the USA by Skiers like you and are the best for protecting ski bases when ski are in storage or being transported!

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Buy Ski Bones from your favorite Ski Retailer or buy online at

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