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About Eider

A leading maker of technical performance outerwear, Eider has been long respected for its expedition quality apparel. The mountains have been a timeless source of inspiration for Eider since the company was founded in 1962. This passion unites us and has fueled our brand values. It is the inspiration behind our research, encouraging creativity, enriching our daily lives and helping us to renew our enthusiasm and imagination without fail.

The last 42 years have led us down new avenues to adapt our products and introduce continuous innovation, sharing with people who are passionate about the outdoors. Eider equipment is made for you by people like you.

Eider began operations in 1962

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Eider - Their Specialties

Bruno Compagnet, Jean Troillet, Mike Horn, Minna Riihimaki, Jean-Sébastien Knoertzer, and Xavier De Le Rue, are Eider’s technical advisors and all share a taste for adventure They travel the world to discover other horizons and peoples as well as learn about their own limits- at whatever altitude or latittude. People who work for Eider, either in France or in one of the 30 counties where we are present, are just like these adventurers. We all work at what they like doing most, and do it with enthusiasm.

Our advisors are firmly aligned behind the Eider style and whether they are in Peru, the Arctic, Everest or the French Alps, they reflect the values to which the brand is attached; authenticity, tolerance, commitment and a sense of humanity, without which there would be no real adventure. We support them, we listen to their needs, and sometimes we create unique products for them which are then developed, based on their comments, to enhance or renew our product range.

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