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About Jytte Mau Designs

JYTTE a.k.a. (you-tay) product is born in Idaho. We are a true Rocky Mountain lifestyle company. Our products and fabric are inspired by our life stories, adventures and the people we meet. JYTTE has long been recognized as the Highest quality, most colorful and creative knit hat supplier in the Outdoor Industry. We currently design and manufacture an extensive line of hats, with the entire process occuring in the USA. Our 5,000 sq foot production facility is located just minutes away from Sun Valley Resort, in Idaho. All of our R&D occurs in our back yard, year round! Our hats are far more than a winter headwear line. You will often spot a JYTTE hat in the mountains, mtn biking, hanging by a Summer campfire, hiking, dog walking, on a beach at sunrise, in the grocery store, standing up your favorite beverage at the bar after a day of skiing or driving in a car! In other words, the hat doesn't care what it is doing or where it is going. Wear it year round with pride knowing that you are supporting an environmentally conscious, domestic manufacturer also referred to as an "Endangered Species".

Jytte Mau Designs began operations in 1988

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New Gear From Jytte Mau Designs This Season

All JYTTE hats are constructed of a 100% Merino Wool outer, with a micro-fleece inner headband. There are 39 unique patterns available for the 2006-2007 Season, with multiple colors to choose from each pattern.

In addition to a full catalog offering, we also have an outstanding custom hat program which allows us to do one of a kind hats for ski shops, heli guides, bike shops, alpine clubs, climbing gyms, mountain bike races, weddings, breweries, coffee shops, nordic races, promotions and golf courses to name a few! You name it, we have probably done it!

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Jytte Mau Designs - Their Specialties

The JYTTE brand is different in many ways. Every JYTTE product is designed by Jytte Mau in house! We don't have to farm out design work to anyone or go overseas to have them produced. We employ local residents year round and give back to the community through sponsorship and donations. Color, Unique designs and the highest quality materials also make us different.

Since we are in control of our production, instead of another country, re-order capability is always an option. If you are tired of doing T-shirts for promotions, special events, races, etc. with your logo, we have a high quality solution through our custom hat program. Turnaround time for a custom hat is 2 to 3 weeks instead of Months!

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