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In 1982, Manzella Productions was formed as a manufacturer of sporting gloves. Today, the company is prospering as a manufacturer and marketer of sport and leisure gloves and accessories in various market segments within the outdoor industry, and is positioned as an aggressive, market driven company.

Manzella Productions began operations in 1982

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Manzella Productions has always operated on two very basic principles: "make excellent product" and "make it easy for customers to do business with us." Throughout the years we have succeeded in maintaining a strong competitive advantage by never losing focus of these two simple principles.

Our business focus today remains on the outdoor market, where we manufacture products for elite competitors and enthusiasts as well as participants. The Manzella "Z" System line of performance gloves and accessories is regarded as a top-performing category of products for retailers and consumers alike. Our newly created Women’s line of gloves and accessories is bringing greater opportunity to retailers, as they take advantage of the increasing demand for women’s specialty products. While our market strategies have evolved over time, our principles have remained unchanged.

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