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About Poorboy USA

Poorboy manufactures the best waxes and accessories available. Our tools, stomp pads and even our packaging all are designed with our mission in mind. Our mission is to provide the highest performance products at the fairest possible prices.

Newest to Poorboy is our Modified Hydrocarbon wax series. These wax formulas are amongst the most sophisticated in the world. Blended to provide maximum durability and speed, these fairly priced waxes come to you packaged with a buff pad included. These waxes and all of our other wax products, can be applied with or without heat. We want to make sure that our products will provide great performance, whether in the backshop or in the parking lot. Poorboy also offers a full array of beanies, caps, tees, hoodies, and other clothing items.

Poorboy USA began operations in 1998

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New Gear From Poorboy USA This Season

Tailgate Tool Kit: This kit offers what you need to get from the parking lot to the top of the mountain and ripping on the slopes. The kit include hardware, ptex, tools and more. The products come to you in a solid little tool box that can additionally hold your wax and other accessories.

Poorboy also offers a snow Holiday Stocking that includes waxes, tool, buff pads, Quik Strip and even a base repair kit. All of this for $24.95 retail.

Where to Buy Poorboy USA Online

You can also purchase Poorboy USA directly from their website

Poorboy USA - Their Specialties

Poorboy packaging is the best in the industry. Our products look "core" and are "core". This brings credability to the brand and to the store. The products work and work better then the rest. We guarantee it.

Poorboy USA Service

Poorboy offers discount programs to resort staff, shop employees, and athletes. Poorboy sponsors events worldwide, and has athlete support around the world.

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