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About POW Gloves

POW Gloves is a winter glove company that is owned and operated in Seattle, Washington, USA. The concept and vision for POW began in 1999, as two entrepreneurs hit the slopes hard and fast. POW should be thought of as a brand name and more importantly, a frame of mind and a lifestyle.

POW's quality, fit and finish differentiates our products from the rest. POW products have been developed and tested by experienced sports enthusiast and are built to stand the test of time. POW believes that our high quality products have exceed our customer expectations and we will continue to build solid customer loyalty to the brand by continuing in this tradition. The desirability of POW products is unanimous according to collected feedback for POW products—that is they look good, feel good, and work terrific (GEI, 2002). POW products are built with the intent to sell themselves through incomparable quality and design. "BUILT TO LAST"

Management has a well-defined growth strategy focused on licensing, product diversification, and a marketing program that encompasses the entire spectrum of the sports community. POW’s global vision is to be viewed in the eyes of our customers as world class in creating well designed, comfortable, and durable products.

Our commitment to the vision of advancing glove technology for the winter glove market is driven by performance feedback from our staff, team riders, and, most importantly, our customers. We are dedicated to providing quality products at reasonable prices to enhance the attitude of the POW brand.

POW Gloves began operations in 2002

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New Gear From POW Gloves This Season

The All Leather Stealth Glove built in both a Mens and Womens specific fit platforms will provide an athlete with the finest dexterity, warmth and protection from the elements with the feel of a mid-weight glove.

Our Light-style line has created a huge buzz. By focusing on what an athlete really needs in a spring and lightweight glove, we have designed several models that are unique in the glove market. The High-5 combines a waterproof palm and a breatheable back to create the perfect compromise in a Spring/Pipe glove.

Our Skinny and Mustachio models have done away with what some would say is an unecessary velcro closures. Our slip-on gasket cuff and precisely tailored fit is minimalist in design, eliminating excess fabric where it is not needed, thus creating a glove that is so light and low profile, you forget you are even wearing it.

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   New gear and closeouts at great prices

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POW Gloves - Their Specialties

We are the only glove specific company to build for true function and durability! We started this company to build better gloves that would be used and appreciated by other people like us. We were tired of paying too much money for gloves that did not look, feel, or perform well. When you sit at your desk and daydream about the snow, that trail ride, or that wave break you will have this weekend you are among the POW community. And for that POW we have the finest handwear available. Love and respect to your POW dreams!

POW Gloves Service

High quality Glove production! "BUILT TO LAST"

POW Gloves Certifications

CPD award for quality and excellence.

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