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About Screamer Hats

Screamer® is a leading independent manufacturer of winter hats. We offer happening, contemporary styling with a strong emphasis on performance - our hats look cool AND work like a hat is supposed to! We are currently the only hat manufacturer who sponsors our own competition snowboard team (Jeff Meyer-Team Captain). We also are endorsed by Glen Plake (US National Moguls Champion) and Nikki Stone (Olympic Gold Metal - Aerials). Great Hats, Great Styles, Great Fit, Great Selection. Be a Screamer®.

Screamer Hats began operations in 1993

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New Gear From Screamer Hats This Season

Screamer has introduced an incredible line of eco-friendly environmentally conscious hats that allow you to go GREEN without compromising style or performance. Made from bamboo (the fastest growing plant on the planet), a completely renewable resource that can be harvested without killing the plant, these hats are silky smooth, strong and flexible. You'll be ready for whatever winter weather Mother Nature sends your way, and you'll be helping her cause in style!

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Screamer Hats - Their Specialties

What makes Screamer® unique? All we do is hats. We think, breathe, eat, sleep and often dreams about your head...and how to make the best possible hats for it. We're the only hat specialty company that sponsors a team of professional riders who play an active role in designing our products. Our hats perform -- the are tested by pro-riders. Our hats happen -- the styles and colors are current. Our hats fit -- Each hat style is tested and checked for perfect fit. If you have a choice -- choose Screamer®.

Screamer Hats Service

We've expanded our team of professional riders (again!) this time adding Canadian halfpipe sensation Crispin Lipscomb to our growing stable of athletes. Lipscomb, a 2006 Olympian, kicked off the 2008 riding season with a bronze medal at the opening World Cup competition in New Zealand after closing out last season with a gold medal at the World Cup Finale in Italy. Based in Vancouver, B.C., Crispin will be bringing Screamer straight to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games!

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