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About Therm-IC

North America Distributor for Therm-IC
We sell a variety of products that help keep your feet warm and drywhile participating in any cold activity. Our major use has been in the Ski Boot world but we have sold our products to hunters, fisherman, skaters, curlers, - they really work for any sport which takes place in a cold environment.

Therm-IC began operations in 1987

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New Gear From Therm-IC This Season

Therm-ic has 5 different PowerPacks to choose from:
Liion PP Therm-ic control - Llithium-lon batteries with remote control - easiest to use, 18hrs of heat
Liion PP - Llithium-lon batteries, 18hrs of heat
SuperMax PP - Ni-MH batteries, 20hrs of heat - easy discharge button for recharging
Max pp - Ni-MH batteries, 16 hrs of heat
BASIX+ - takes 4 AA batteries(not included)
You will also need heating elements to go with these - check out our web page

We do boot dryers which have UV light which combats bacteria and germs
ThermiCare Sanitizer - lets you set a drying time as well as deodorizes
ThermiCare Refresher - compact dryer

Get your boots warm on the way to the hill
Therm-ic Warmer - plugs into your car lighter and warms while you drive, also available for your house Here's to warm and dry feet while being in the outdoors

Where to Buy Therm-IC Online

Al's Ski Equipment Barn

Therm-IC - Their Specialties

Therm-ic has been partner with the following brands:
These brands all have a boot that has been prewired to take any of the Therm-ic PowerPacks

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