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About Barz Sports Optics

Barz Sport Goggles
They are the size & shape of a nice looking pair of dark glasses, but they provide the protection (from wind, spray, dust etc) of safety goggles. (Safety lenses & frames)

Who would benefit from Barz Sport Goggles?
- Skiiers, Snowboarders & Snowmobilers: Sunny day goggles assure, "no more tears!" Goggle Gaskets prevent wind from drying your eyes and/or causing them to tear.
- Surfers, Windsurfers, Kiteboarders, White water Paddlers: Amphibious goggles were originally designed for surfers! Goggle Gaskets keep wind & saltwater from constantly flushing your eyes.
- Mountain Bike & MotoCross: Gaskets prevent wind & dust from getting in your eyes.
- Skiiers, surfers, riders who need Prescription correction to optimize vision. Barz are available with Prescription Lenses. Its a proven fact that your level of performance is related to how well you can see! (Distance Correction mostly!)
- Military: Desert environment. . . protects from wind born dust & grit, dry eyes.
- Dry Eyes: As we age, sometimes our eyes do not tear as well. Barz Sport Goggles prevent wind from drying your eyes. . . and can even hold moisture. . . you are in coltrol of how much venting you want !
- Pterigia: Protect eyes already stressed with growths or while recovering from surgery or ? ? ?

Special Features of Barz Sport Goggles
- Safety Lenses: Blue-Gray Poly Carbonate Lenses
- Safety Frames: Frames have a "sill" behind the lenses that prevent lenses from dislodging inwardly to your eye even upon severe frontal impact !
- Fit Kit: 3 nosebridge Widths to fit most
- Leash: Heavy duty, elastic
- Neoprene Case

Options available for Barz Sport Goggles:
- Frame Colors: Black, Blue, Clear, Red, Orange, Green
- Deeper Gaskets, gaskets with or without vents and gaskets of different stiffness
- Polarized Lenses (Gray, Green or Amber)
* NEW: PHOTOCHROMIC, Polarized Lenses (Gray or Brown)
- Prescription Lenses (with polarized & photochromic options)

Other Products from Barz Optics
- Barz Swim Goggles- Tinted lenses for outdoor swimming. Ideal for triathlon swimming in ocean or pool. Slightly larger than many.
- Barz Swim Goggles w/ Prescription- Pre-made prescriptions from -2.0 to -7.0 in 0.5 increments

Barz Sports Optics began operations in 1990

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New Gear From Barz Sports Optics This Season

Barz Sport Goggles" Your multi-sport, dust & humidity controlled eye armor with optional vision enhancement (Prescription Lenses Available). Wear with or without a helmet while skiing, snowboarding, surfing, kiteboarding, PWC Riding or Snowmobiling when sun & wind protection is needed but big goggles are not desired or needed. Blue-Gray Polycarbonate Safety Lenses provide clear, natural "true color" vision. The nylon safety frames provide READ DEAL Protection from frontal impact! The gaskets control wind, dust & humidity so that your eyes are kept clean and your vision clear. Options: Polarized Lenses, Prescription lenses. Priced from $100

Where to Buy Barz Sports Optics Online

You can also purchase Barz Sports Optics directly from their website

Barz Sports Optics - Their Specialties

Barz Sport Goggles are the ONLY ones that provide ALL of the following:
- Medical Grade non-allergenic, easy care, silicone eye gaskets. Everyone else uses foam. The foam may seem comfortable when trying on in the store. . . but in the field the foam is inferior because: 1) foam absorbs moisture, dirt & sweat and in time will abet growth of little things that smell or are unpleasant, 2) foam degrades and will loose its shape & function.
- Gasket adjustments to customize fit
- Gasket adjustments to control ventilation
- Fit Kit w/ three sizes of flexible nose bridges included to assure fit of MOST faces.
- Elastic headstrap prevents "Yard Sale" on the slopes or "glasses overboard" on the water.
- REAL DEAL Safety lenses and frames
- A sturdy surf leash
- Zippered neoprene case
- Frame Color Options
- Polarized Lens Options
- Prescription Options

Barz Sports Optics Service

FREE Swim Goggles with purchase of Barz Sport Goggles at participating dealers or when ordering direct

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