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About Sun Valley Ski Tools

SVST is the market leader in back-shop tuning tools and waxes for ski and board shops around the world. SVST sells Raceservice1 Wax, Intuition Boot Liners, Foot Dynamics Foot-beds, SVST Tools and Reichmann Machines.

Sun Valley Ski Tools began operations in 1988

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New Gear From Sun Valley Ski Tools This Season

Raceservice1 Wax - The more effective wax ever used on the World-Cup race circuit is now available to consumers world-wide. No longer do the elite athletes only get the best waxes, now everyone can glide, ride and stride like they're on the World-Cup, too! No mixing ratios to deal with, no cross-over temperatures, it's all very easy and simple to become a pro waxer and tuner and be the envy of all your friends.

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Sun Valley Ski Tools - Their Specialties

SVST manufacturers and distributes ONLY the best, most tested products on earth. We personally test every stove, iron, clamp, wrench, screwdriver, bit, etc., before sending it out to be abused by our high-end client base. We have to do this, we like our pants and don't want to drop them when we're caught off-guard. SVST Performance Products - we've got attitude AND the products you need!

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