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About Zeal Optics

When we founded Zeal in 1997 we were determined to design and create a product that exceeded the demands of professional and amateur athletes alike. We named our company "ZEAL" because it means a passion for what you do and there is no better word than this to describe what drives people to do the things they do.

In order for us to focus on the project at hand we located ZEAL in Moab, Utah where we could literally walk out our front doors and test the product in some of the worlds most extreme conditions. From MTB, river rafting, climbing, running, hiking, snowboarding and skiing, Moab offers all this and more to fine tune our products.

Our backgrounds are in design and professional competition. We are confident in saying that our eyewear is second to none. Ask anyone who has ever owned a pair of our eyewear and they will be able to confirm this.

We are not about hype, or dazzling you with our savvy marketing. We are about making the best fitting, best performing eyewear in the world. Get over the hype! Demand ZEAL and follow your passion!

Zeal means a passion for what you do. The team at Zeal Optics is passionate about QUALITY in performance, innovation, style & fit for all Zeal products.

We are driven to innovate our already superior designs to meet the demands of the athletes ever changing needs.

From our own experiences to the hundreds of sponsored athletes that use Zeal eye wear day in and day out, Zeal product is continuously being tested, refined and innovated. That is the ZEAL TEAM concept.

Without sport, there are no dreams. Without dreams, there is no life. ZEAL supports the dreams of athletes worldwide.

We are dedicated to making a quality product that performs. We know that quality and performance in a product, equals service to our consumer.

Zeal Optics began operations in 1997

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World's first and only polarized and photochromatic automatic uV adjusting goggle. Winner of outSiDE Magazines sunglass of the year the Maestro and a full line of true performance Eyewear for Women.

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Goggles and glasses that work in all conditions without the hassle of changing out the lens No hype all performance!

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