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About Test Pilot

Test Pilot, a division of AME Innovation, Inc., located in Ham Lake Minnesota, is a company that is always on the leading edge of the industry. Never wanting to just stand on the sidelines but always developing new products that will fit the maintenance needs of the people on the mountains and help them push the envelope. Its full line of “World Class” waxes for skis and snowboards, tools and accessories are developed with quality and performance in mind. With one of the highest customer service ratings, it will always be there for any of your needs and questions.

For 2006 Test Pilot has come up with great new tools that are easily carried and give lots of flexibility. The “Stealth Tool” has a ribbed grip, switchable ratchet that hold the 4 bits that are stored in the tool’s body. The “Jet Tool” also has the ability to store all of it bits along with a 2-sided wrench. The “TP Edger” is a compacted tool for tuning the edges whether it’s the radius of a board or the parabolic of the skis.

The perfect portable table for waxing, tuning, and doing other maintenance. The folding legs are rated to hold up to 1000 lbs. The surface and edges are sealed from the weather thus allowing it to even travel on to the mountain. Together, the table and the Test Pilot “Base System” make a perfect complete portable maintenance system.

Test Pilot, with the help of its team, has again come up some great waxes packed to be carried onto the mountain and be used from the top to the bottom. The rub on “Excellerator” (for boards) and the “Free Ride” (for skis) stash pack wax. These waxes come in pocket tins which includes a structure pad. “6 Pack” and “3 Hitter” wax packs (rub-on or melt-on) combine the 3 different temperature (warm, cold and universal) waxes in a carry-with plastic pocket pack. Then there is “Waxagra” that will, with one application give your mountain ride the feeling of newness and of course… speed. A rub on paste that has a patented high fluoro formulation that will enhance your journey down the mountain.

3 new stomp pads join the Test Pilot line for 2004. All with our new high–grade adhesive that has been cold proven to hold at –35 to –40 degree F. Test Pilot’s “5 of Diamonds” are clear stomps that allow the rider to arrange them in any pattern they choose. The “Bar-None” and “xStomp” both have high ridge traction bars that fit into the bottom of the boot for that extra control.

With the need for larger bolts and straps test Pilot has added longer ladder straps and longer Pan-Head, “Burton” nuts and washes to it’s complete line of back shop supplies. . Other back-shop “kits” with all the nuts, bolts, washes, straps, buckles, files all in a compartmentalizes storage/carrying case have all your needs in one place.

Test Pilot began operations in 1992

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High Performance Tuning Kit, Aspen Waxing Kit, Personal Mountian Kit, Ride's Accessory kit, NewRide Kit.

Test Pilot - Their Specialties

All Test Pilot products are tested by our "Extreme Team" Riders and Skiers. Our wax formulas are made for specific applications i.e. Snowboards and Skis. Our waxes are made in the USA and are formulated for the high mountain deep powder, the pipes it the “parks” to the speed and control for racers. Test Pilot waxes are also formulated for many different snow conditions and temperatures.

Other Brands in the Test Pilot Family

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