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Seattle, WA US
(206) 285-9124 / (800) 710-5288
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About KAVU

KAVU is Klear Above Visibility Unlimited. It's an attitude, a feeling, a lifestyle; good times, good friends, hard work, hard play, exhilaration, exhaustion, it’s mental, it’s physical……it’s a day you never want to end. It's clothing, glasses and accessories that fits your adventures.

KAVU began operations in 1993

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KAVU - Their Specialties

We're not a huge corporation, we work hard and play hard, just like you. We make clothing for before and after, glasses and hats for all of the time.

KAVU Service

Mens & Womens Clothing, Sunglasses, Bags, Caps and Beanies

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Alpine Skiing
Alpine Skiing Accessories
Men's Alpine Apparel
Women's Alpine Apparel
Snowboard Accessories
Men's Snowboard Apparel
Women's Snowboard Apparel