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About Maxiglide

Maxiglide has specialized in sports related recreational and performance waxes, coatings and lubricants. We are the innovators both liquid and paste waxes for skis and snowboards. We make all our products to be easy to use, effective in all conditions and honestly priced for the average consumer. All are products are made in the U.S. with eco-friendly materials, non-toxic and non-flammable. Along with our line of ski waxes, we make speed coatings for canoes, kayaks, boat polishes, gun and bicycle lubricants.

Maxiglide began operations in 1975

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New Gear From Maxiglide This Season

The recreational XC skiier will want to try our Maxiglide XC Quick Wax. The original easy to use rub on XC wax that is effective in all snow conditions. Our Maxiglide Maxx-Waxx is the skier and riders answer for a quick tune for any type board or ski. Clean ski and board bottoms, means easier turns and smoother glide in any type of snow conditions.

Where to Buy Maxiglide Online

You can also purchase Maxiglide directly from their website

Maxiglide - Their Specialties

Our products and safe to use, non-flammable and easy for any skill level to have better performing skis and boards. Unlike the expensive imported products, Maxiglide does the job to increase performance and allow the skiers and riders to put more time into skiing and riding rather then wasting time with equipment prep.

Maxiglide Service

We offer free US ground shipping on all orders over $100 with prepayment.

Other Brands in the Maxiglide Family

Other brands produced by Maxiglide are X-Oils, X-Wax, BoatGuard SPF-50, Maxx-Waxx and Sensor Speed Powder. As well as Pro-Tex Ice & Water Barrier Systems, plus a complete line environmentally safe, anti-fouling paints for boats and the marine enviroment.

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