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About Compatriot Snowboards

Compatriot handcrafts the finest freeride snowboards available. These boards are built in very limited quantities. Owning one of these rarities is a perfect manifestation of an understood love for snowboarding. Our snowboards are tested in the mountains, not the streets. Places like Jackson Hole, Snowbird, Pebble Creek, Mt. Baker, and Telluride are where we ride every day. We are tattooed with scars of formidable terrain and relentlessly seek for blissful conditions, regardless of the price to pay. When we created this company, we set out with the intention of making the best snowboard for those who love the mountains, allowing you to excel in all environments.

Compatriot is not only a company, but an organization that is devoted to snowboarders, skateboarders, outdoorsmen, and artists. Those who ride our boards are unique. They are creators. They are devoted riders who believe that snowboarding is an enigmatic expression of soulful struggle and elegant aggression.

This organization is based on its people. We are not a company that is interested in capitalizing on the recent exploitation that snowboarding has received through the media. Snowboarding is not a fashion show. That's why we build our boards by hand in the USA. That's why we make it a priority to help other organizations. We donate portions of the sales of every board to goodwill organizations that deal with crucial matters such as avalanche education and safety, breast cancer research, homelessness and hunger, and freshwater trout preservation. The word compatriot means friend, companionship, and a valiant loyalty to the cause. We Are Compatriot.

Compatriot Snowboards began operations in 2002

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New Gear From Compatriot Snowboards This Season

Compatriot Snowboard Co. will be carrying over a few of the models that were in highest demand, yet due to limited quantities, sold out before many core snowboarders could get one. Amongst many others, the Guide FR is the ultimate freeride charger. Follow the backcountry-inspired Guide FR 162 to the summit this season for an unparalleled visionquest. After careful development under the direction of Compatriot pro Kelly D. Williams, we are confident that The Guide FR could be regarded as the best freeriding snowboard available. The wisdom of classic construction paired with techy, innovative materials allows this board to ride with mind-blowing elegance and aggression. Features HellaThane tip & tail armour, advanced AT5 torsion box system, and our proprietary UV process Cowboy Core and Knuckle Sandwich variable-angled p-tex sidewalls. Grab your beacon, pack, and some yerba mate. Look inward & travel upward. They call it The Guide for a reason.

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It's not a novel view that our world is full of serious issues that demand serious remedies. Every one of us on this earth makes a critical impact on its resources. Increasing carelessness and disrespect for those with whom we coexist has had a very negative effect, directly or indirectly, on the quality of life. That is why we make it a priority to help other organizations with our Giving Back program.

The Compatriot Snowboard Company donates portions of the sales of every snowboard to goodwill organizations that objectively address and deal with crucial matters such as environmental preservation, avalanche education and safety, breast cancer research, domestic violence, and homelessness & hunger. This means that by purchasing a board, you are Giving Back. Snowboarders are known for their ability to stand up for what they believe. Have an opinion. Make a difference. We encourage you to join in making an effort to give back to your community, culture, and your world.

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