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About Railz SnowSkate

RAILZ Snowskates - The premier snowskate ride on the snow. Snowdecks and bidecks do not compare to skateboarding like Railz snowskating. The Railz snowskate is just like riding a skateboard on the snow. Railz mount to any existing skateboard truck, making your skateboard into a snowskate. Grind and slide snowskate park jibs, just like a skateboard, with the best snowskate on the market - RAILZ, "The Snowskate That Skates".

Railz SnowSkate began operations in 2004

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New Gear From Railz SnowSkate This Season

The RAILZ snowskate is different than Snowboarding or other Snowskates, because it utilizes standard skateboard trucks with four skis instead of wheels. This allows the RAILZ snowskate to skate on snow just like a skateboard on pavement. In short, if you can skate on pavement, you can ride a RAILZ snowskate on the snow.

RAILZ offers a short board, a long board and a conversion kit that allows you to convert your existing skateboard into a snowskate. The short board is a 32¡¨ Tech board for street and vert type skating. These boards can ollie, kick-flip, grind and board slide just like their wheeled cousins. The long board is a 46¡¨ cruiser intended for bombing and carving down anything from packed snow covered streets to runs at your favorite ski resort. The conversion kit allows you to convert your own skateboard into a RAILZ snowskate just by replacing the wheels with RAILZ skis.

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You can also purchase Railz SnowSkate directly from their website

Railz SnowSkate - Their Specialties

Our Snowskate rides exactly like a standard skateboard, because it utilizes standard skateboard trucks with four skis instead of wheels.

Railz SnowSkate Service

100% BUY BACK POLICY: We will buy back any RAILZ product that is not satisfactory or does not sell
- 32" Tech SnowSkate Rocky
- 46" LongBoard SnowSkate Cascade
- RAILZ V15 Tech or RAILZ-50 LongBoard SnowSkate Kit
- 46 LongBoard SkateBoard RoadKill

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CE Mark

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