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About Linken

Norwegian company owned by Skigutane, based in Voss, Norway. Making telemark ski bindings, telemark skis and related products. The Linken telemark binding is the state of art telemark binding, a plate binding with a step-in function. It's torsional rigidity and two point power transfer makes the most precise and effective tele binding, while the step-in and easy length adjustment adds great use comfort.

Linken began operations in 1997

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New Gear From Linken This Season

Telemark bindings:
The Linken telemark binding has been strengthened at vital points for this season, and also comes with a stronger spring.

Telemark skis; Linken Z-1: Skis for the powder, but also works well in the pist. Thinking of having only one pair of ski, this will do! Lengths; 171, 181, 191. Width; 140, 92, 126 (in191). Radius; 17 m.

Linken Slettafjell: The perfect ski for any conditions, good for pist cruising! Quick response and reacts momentaniously. Lenghts; 197, 173, 180. Width; 133, 85, 121 (in 180). Radius; 15,5 (in 180).

Linken Bodega:
New cap for this season.

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You can also purchase Linken directly from their website

Linken - Their Specialties

The unique telemark binding is the basis of the company.

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