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About Gath Headgear

The original Gath Surf helmet was designed in 1986 by Ric Gath, a Western Australian State Champion surfer, after witnessing his son, Jesse, narrowly escape head injury from a surfboard fin in a shallow beach break. Ric was further inspired by his desire for surfers to stay in the water longer without suffering the physical effects caused by over-exposure to the harsh sun, cold wind and time out through head and ear injury. Ric completed the design of the World’s first helmet for surfing in 1988 and the “Gath Surf Hat”, as it became known was launched in at the Margaret River Surf Masters the same year.

In 1990 the Gath Helmet’s unique design won an Australian Design Award on the basis of independently judged technical, human and commercial factors and for outstanding design. In the same year, Gath Helmets gained Award recognition for outstanding contribution to Australian surfing with listing on the Honour Roll of the Australian Surfing Museum’s Hall of Fame. The Gath Helmet has also received several endorsements from sporting associations and organizations such as the International Surfing Association, the Association of Surfing Professionals, the International Surfing Association Medical Committee and Surfing Australia.

Gath Sports Pty Ltd is still based in Western Austalia. Our mission has expanded to commitment to design & build head protection to meet the particular & unique needs of many types of water sports enthusiasts and also of related Rescue Services.

Gath designed for these Water Sports
* Surf
* Surf Kayak
* White Water
* Wind Surf & Kiteboard
* Water Ski & Wake Board
* Personal Water Craft (Recreational & Freestyle Competition)
* Cave Diving (& shark feeding)

Rescue Services:
* Life Guard Services (Surf, Pier, Cliff)
* Police PWC Rescue & Enforcement
* Tow-in Surf
* Swift Water Rescue Services
* Military Air-to-Water Rescue

Cross Sports (These sports were not targeted, but participants have reported excellent results as it turns out that they have similar design & construction requirements.)
* Sky Diving
* Snow Skiing & Snow Boarding

Special Criteria for Water Sports Protection
* Light Weight and neutral bouyancy.
* Low maintenance & durable
* Quick dry and salt water tolerant
* Close fitting to avoid unnecessary volume
* Round or "egg" shape for strength & to avoid "bucketing"
* No bills or flaired edges to avoid "snagging"
* Maximum coverage: Lower Cranium, ears, forehead, face & eyes.
* Solid & secure strap & fastening systems
* "Suction Cup" fit
* Optimal "compromise" between close-fit and impact protection for water sports
* Function, Quality & Style
* No Compromises with quality or materials.

Gath Headgear began operations in 1986

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New Gear From Gath Headgear This Season

Gath Gedi Convertible Helmets.

* "SAFETY" PEAK VISOR INCLUDED in '09. Peaks provide sun and facial protection when in down position and FLIP-UP for unrestricted vision and/or to prevent dislodging helmet or to prevent possible neck strain. (Peak will break away if "flip-up" function does not release the snag.)
* FULL FACE SHIELD: New Option for '09. Flip Up for sun protetion. . . lower for facial protection. (White Water, Rescue Services & more!)
* New "Carbon" graphic option.
All Gath Helmets:
Helmet Cam Options. Choose from several water-proof video and "turn key" applications (see web site)

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Gath Headgear - Their Specialties

There are lots of "other" helmets for water sports. The helmets for wake boarding tend to be make-overs from skate boarding. They can be very inexpensive and the impact protection is OK when new & securely fastened. But, some are poorly made and / or tend to come off! What good is a helmet that is floating nearby?

Helmets made for Kayaking can be very expensive when made of Carbon and/or Kevlar materials. While these materials protect & deflect impacts from falling objects, they may not absorb shock energy from a crash, like the new cars do. Also, many feature "bills" or "peaks" that can snag on rocks or branches. . . NOT good !

Twenty years of real life experience and anecdotal evidence is being supported by recent studies that confirm Ric Gath's notions that the best overall helmets will be round, close fitting, SECURELY FIT and made of a combination of materials that will deflect impacts and absorb energy.

Gath Headgear Service

* Strict MAP Pricing Policy
* Discounts based on volume and committment
* Very Special Rental and School Pricing
* Try before you Buy Demo Program

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