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Dr.D's Ski Snowboard Wax and Discount Tuning Supplies. You won't find Wicked Wax products in stores. Racewax.com is an Internet only company. DrD prefers to cut out middle-men and pretty packaging to give you what you want (fast wax) at low prices. My shipping is so fast, I don't need to distribute in stores or around the globe. We will get your order to you in 1-3 days the USA and places as far as Australia get wax in about 1 week.

Racewax.com waxes are custom made. We don't use the mass-production shortcuts made by big companies. Our labor-intensive methods mean you get a superior product.

DrD is a full-time Ph.D. research chemist who has won national awards and lectured on four continents. Racewax.com is a rapidly-growing small family business that was developed in response to the high prices DrD had to pay for his son's racing waxes. DrD knew there was a better, cheaper way and started making wax. Started on a whim, after team members said, "This wax is great! You should sell it!", Racewax.com has become an amazing success.

RaceWax.com began operations in 1999

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Tired of slow skis or snowboards? Get the fast waxes the speedsters run on for low prices!! DrD of racewax.com makes waxes for all levels, pleasure seekers that want to glide effortlessly, casual racers that want to compete without hurting their budget, and top-level waxes to compete internationally. While you visit check out our prices on tuning tools. They are the best on the Internet!

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RaceWax.com - Their Specialties

Dr.D's discovery of the speed additive fluoro microfibers has been a phenomenal success. It is a unique additive that has set racewax.com apart from conventional waxes. Here is what the expert says:

Willi Wiltz (wax guru for Tommy Moe and Bode Miller during their gold medal runs) worked with the legendary snowboarder Shaun Palmer in his 2006 Olympic bid, here is what Willi wrote about RaceWax:

It seems as though you are on to something! Tested both the Hybrid and the MicroFiber overlay here in Austria and found they worked extremely well, and went with it in the World Cup. Shaun Palmer was second and I wanted to let you know that you were a big part of our results.

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Read our tuning tips to learn the best way to get the most out of your fun on the snow.

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