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The high-altitude environment is rough on the eyes, which is why alpine guides have worn glacier glasses for decades. Now 7EYE provides an update on the venerable glacier glass in the form of our SPF100 (100% Seal Protection Factor) eyewear featuring Airlock, a vented seal that locks out wind, snow and peripheral glare. When you're not battling the conditions at high altitude, Airlock is easily removed, creating a stylish wrap sunglass. The Air Dam on our chic SPF75 models is 75% effective in knocking down wind and glare, so your eyes get much more protection than they normally would from conventional sunglasses or even goggles. For skiers who prefer the protection of a wrap sunglass without any foam, 7EYE is launching our Active Lifestyle Collection with several all-new models for men and women. The Active Lifestyle Collection brings new styles and bright new colors to the slopes such as Mahogany, Pink Fade and Ruby Crystal. As unique as our frame technology is, our lenses are no less noteworthy. We make our lenses with the same care as a prescription lens is made, so all our lenses deliver super-clear optics. At 7EYE, we deliberately focus our lens offering on copper tints, from our crystal-clear SharpView lens to our sublime Re-ACT NXT Copper lens that handles both bright sun and flat light conditions with equal aplomb, to our photochromic 24:7 NXT Contrast lens that automatically turns clear like a goggle in overcast weather. All lenses on our sealing eyewear (SPF100 and SPF75 series) are treated with a tough, durable anti-fog treatment to help keep them clear in harsh winter conditions. No other sunglass is as well adapted for the wintersports environment as 7EYE, the world leader in protective sunwear.

7EYE began operations in 1997

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New Gear From 7EYE This Season

The latest from 7EYE is a totally new series called the Active Lifestyle Collection, featuring two full-frame models for women, the Tina and the Emma, and two for men, the Shaka and Cam. Also in the line-up are two superlight 3-piece frames, the Flip and the Bone for those who want maximum protection from a minimalist look. The Tina features detailed etching with a tropical motif, in taupe or black, while the high-and-wide Emma comes in Pink Fade, sparkling Ruby Crystal and a deep Chocolate Crystal. The Cam for men is a sport frame with a fashion flavor in black, tortoise and a fresh style called Snakeskin, and the Shaka, sleek as a sports car, brings it in black (with a cool C-Note back motif), mahogany or bronze crystal. Available lenses include SharpView Copper, Re-ACT NXT Copper and the best photochromic lens in wintersports, our 24:7 NXT Contrast. Prices range from $79 to $149.

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7EYE makes the only sunglasses designed from the snow up. Our brand was created to give skiers and riders the protection of a goggle married to the optical qualities of the finest eyewear. Only 7EYE provides sunglasses with a complete seal around the eyes, totally blocking wind, snow and eye-damaging peripheral glare. Our SPF75 models provide users with a fashionable alternative that cut down the effects of wind and glare, so you can ski or ride in greater comfort. Our superior lens technology and unique frame technology work together to keep eyes comfortable, protected and able to see clearly in any light. All lenses on our sealing eyewear are coated with a sturdy anti-fog coating, so you know they'll keep working even in adverse conditions. Our new Active Lifestyle Collection brings runway fashion to the slopes, using our same high-quality NXT lenses in wrap frames that protect better than everyday eyewear. Made by skiers for skiers, 7EYE provides eye protection you can trust.

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