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About ScottyBob Skis

Innovative Colorado ski manufacturer producing alpine, telemark, and custom skis.

ScottyBob Skis began operations in 2000

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New Gear From ScottyBob Skis This Season

The newly redesigned 2009 line is comprised of three varieties of skis that are suitable for both Alpine and Telemark Skiers depending on your skiing desires.

BobTail provides lightening quick turns, radical carves and is the ultimate mogul ski and is available in 166 (tip 121, waist 77, 2492g), 174 (tip 126 waist 77, 2789g), 182 (tip 131, waist 77, 3145g)

HeadRush is designed for stable long carves at mach speed, all purpose it is wide enough to float in deep powder and stiff enough for challenging steeps and is available in 167 (tip 126, waist 90, 2800g), 175 (tip 127, waist 90, 3025g), 184 (tip 130, waist 90, 3310g)

FatBastard combines an ultra wide profile with ScottyBob patented shape. The result is a fat, carving ski of unmatched stability and is available in 175 (tip 144, waist 101, 3410g), 185 (tip 147, waist 101, 3782g)

Where to Buy ScottyBob Skis Online

You can also purchase ScottyBob Skis directly from their website

ScottyBob Skis - Their Specialties

ScottyBob is the only ski maker whose design addresses the differences in pressure on each ski. Skiers naturally have more weight on their downhill ski than on their uphill ski. ScottyBob Skis have a shortened edge on the uphill ski so that the pressure along that edge is increased. This patented design improves carving on the uphill ski and allows both skis to carve better together.

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