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About Hertel Wax / HotSauce

Hertel is an exciting U.S. ski and snowboard wax innovator/ manufacture. Terry Hertel invented the HotWaxer first. He went onto develop the most advance wax ever. The product is all temperature, all mountain and totally universal and it stands up to it definition. Hertel proved that colors were a thing of the past and that those still marketing them, just have not gotten the message or do not understand the science and elements we are dealing with.

We offer four different unique waxes, Super HotSauce all temperature for the general consumer and shops. Racing FC739 the first fluoro, is high performance and will last about seven days. SpringSoluton is such a super product. It works well in the spring where nothing else does, and it works well in the winter also. White Gold is the product that assisted in the Olympic wins in 1988 and 1994. The HotSauce line has been a part of every Olympics since 1974. You must ski it to believe it. New this year is a FREE copy of the E-Book WAXFAX and our new X/C all temperature wax. The company also invented the best skate wax ever. It is a formula of wax and glass micro beads.

Hertel Wax / HotSauce began operations in 1972

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New Gear From Hertel Wax / HotSauce This Season

This season we will be offering bulk prices on our Hotsauce wax. you'll get 160 1oz bars for $170.00 plus free shipping. We also just started offering our Racing FC739 fluoro and Springsolution waxes in 3/4 pound bricks for $45.00. These are wholesale prices direct to the consumer. Our new 33 page E-Book WAXFAX is now FREE at our website! We also have a new X/C all temperature Fluror wax that just works all the time!

Where to Buy Hertel Wax / HotSauce Online

You can also purchase Hertel Wax / HotSauce directly from their website

Hertel Wax / HotSauce - Their Specialties

What sets Hertel apart from competition, is our science and formulation. Our wax performs better than all others because it has a noticeably different formula. No one has come close to duplicating our patented formula. The ingredients we use allow deeper penetration into your base. Up to seven days has been recorder between wax applications. We also use a less impressionable wax so it isn’t affected as much by snow abrasion. We use a special surfactant to reduce the surface tension of all our waxes. Hertel fluorocarbon is unlike any other on the market and is definitely the most effective and can be found in our Racing FC739, Spring Solution and White Gold. Most of the ingredients we use are unique to our company and offer the best possible performance. Springsolution changes the tree pollen and other dirt on the snow from a sticky substance to a slick substance. Hertel wax actually makes skiing and snowboarding safer.

Hertel Wax / HotSauce Service

All season we will offer free shipping on all orders to the continental U.S. FREE WAXFAX E-Book at our web site! New are our YOUTUBE productions showing how the wax is made and how it works. We will have two more YOUTUBE productions showing the difference in our three wax products. A fourth YOUTUBE production is computerized measurement of ski and snowboard wax in action. We will be measuring the competition as well. We will also address waxing a base and safety issues.

Hertel Wax / HotSauce Certifications

We are offering or E-Book for FREE now. It is called WAXFAX and it gets to the truth and the facts about waxing skis and snowboards. It gets into safety and proves why our wax makes skiing safer for all. it is all about control.

Other Brands in the Hertel Wax / HotSauce Family

Our company shares a 5000 sqft. warehouse with Aggressivemall.com, which is an online rollerblade retailer.

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