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About Bordz Up

Bordz-Up manufactures and sells the world’s best racks for the "in home" or "in garage" display and storage of Snowboards, Skis, Waterskis, Skateboards, Longboards, Surfboards and Wakeboards. The company's patented, award winning Gravity Suspension Racks are becoming the standard among pros and pro shops. The Company introduced its new PipeLine storage and display racks for Skis, Surfboards and Wakeboards in 2007. Bordz-Up's award winning product line reflects the Company’s strong commitment, passion and respect for boarders and skiers, their equipment and their lifestyle. Bordz-Up's sole focus on sports equipment accessories guarantees an ongoing flow of inspired ideas, innovative designs and core authenticity. Both consumer and retail/merchandizing models are available.

Bordz Up began operations in 2005

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New Gear From Bordz Up This Season

Introducing the PipeLine Racking Systems for Skis, Surfboards and Wakeboards. The PipeLine™ Ski Rack System provides for the storage and display of between 2 to 100 pairs of skis and poles. It’s easy to use, sleek and is fully expandable via its modular design. The anti-sway, “pipe” based wall mount clamps easily in place to securely hold your equipment. The PipeLine™ System’s ski holders have a unique “pivoting” capability that allows for more skis to be stored per foot than any other system or rack on the market. PipeLIne also comes in models to handle Surfboards and Wakeboards.

Bordz-Up will be introducing its Gravity Suspension Rack for Surfboards in early 2008 and the brand new GSR for wakeboards and waterskis will be available for shipment starting in October 2007. As with the other GSR models for snow and skate, these new additions to the Bordz-Up family of products are sure to become the number one storage and display solution for surfers and waterskiers.

Where to Buy Bordz Up Online

You can also purchase Bordz Up directly from their website

Bordz Up - Their Specialties

Bordz-Up is revolutionizing the way boarders and skiers store and display their equipment. Snowboards, skateboards, surfboards and skis aren't just incorporating the lastest technological innnovations, they are also becoming works of art through their design and graphics. More then ever, boarders and skiers want to display their equipment, not just safely store it away after riding or in the off season. And, they are seeking solutions that can get their quiver organized, but also look great while doing it! Bordz Up has taken the lowly rack and turned it into a must have, innovative accessory! The Bordz Up message is to lose the pegs! Get rid of the cheap plastic or home built wood racks and upgrade to a high quality, innovative and sleekly designed systems that can grow as your collection of boards and skis grows. Display Your Boards...Not Your Rack! If You Can Ride It...Bordz-Up Can Rack It!

Bordz Up Service

Bordzs-Up is currently working with retailers to create innovative custom displays in their stores using either Gravity Suspension Racks or the PipeLine System. Not only do these racks significantly improve how equipment is displayed and merchandized, but they create interest and demand from store customers to buy racks for their homes. Bordz-Up racks are an easy add on sale to new board/ski buyers. Bordz-Up racks also make the perfect holiday gift or as part of a holiday gift package.

Bordz Up Certifications

Trunk Shows, on site demos, interactive demo via the Bordz Up website ( Bordz Up will also provide racks as prizes for events, store contests, etc. Contact Kurt Schumann for additional details -

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