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Play, Learn, Live Life To The Fullest - Adventure Action Gear
Through product placement and testing, extensive market research, and personal experience in the field, one conclusion was obvious: There was a definite need for a centralized location to find exclusive high quality select items that performed multiple functions, better suiting to the active, multitasking lifestyle.

Adventure Action Gear (+VENTURE = "add"venture) began as an entrepreneur¡¦s dream to create a line of cutting-edge gear suitable for the active lifestyle. Our aim is to satisfy the needs of individuals with a passion to explore the jungle of life: city or country. Today, Adventure Action Gear offers a variety heated clothing and accessories powered by our patented ¡§+HEAT¡¨ technology. Our design incorporates Carbon-Fibered based Heaters that generate Far Infrared Ray (F.I.R.) to emulate natural heat to the body on demand (see TECHNOLOGY section for details.) Together, the F.I.R. heating system, the latest Lithium type battery, and the advance power management system provide HEAT ON DEMAND with the push of a button. Some of our items include: HEATED VEST / JACKET/ CARGO PANTS.

Our revolutionary line of heated apparel currently offers an assortment of vests, jackets and more. Each product functions just like its conventional counterpart, but with the added convenience of heat on demand. So while snowboarding or hiking in the most frigid of terrain, keeping warm will be the least of your concerns.

Adventure Action Gear began operations in 2001

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New Gear From Adventure Action Gear This Season

Don't let cold weather stop you from doing more of what you love. With our line of actively heated jackets, vests, gloves & insoles you will be able to create your own warm, toasty micro-climate even on the coldest days. Adventure Action Gear has two lines of heated clothing 12Volt, for the powersports enthusiast and eco-friendly lithium battery powered for cordless heat on-the-go! Our Newest Product Line is the FAR-Ifrared Ray heated, cordless health and wellness wraps. Soothe sore back, knee and shoulder wraps with these ergonomically designed wraps that keep the heat in place and activates with the touch of a button. No messy chemical or heating packs. Just comforting, penetrating, relaxing heat on demand!

Adventure Action Gear - Their Specialties

Adventure Action Gear is the industry leader in technology and safety for the trending market of heated "Tech-Wear". No bulky coils, the garments are soft, wearable, comfortable and functional. Using lithium batteries is the ec0-friendly alternative to the bulky disposable battery powered clothing that has been around for decades.

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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $2000! Great margins, and seasonal dealer programs. Call for details!

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