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About Anakie

Anakie is a label making funky female specific snowboarding outerwear. High end technical products from 10,000mm-20,000mm, shell and insulated jackets and pants. Anakie focuses on making quality outerwear that in fashionable styles with lots of prints, fur trims and bright colors!

Who We Are
We love to snowboard day in and day out, and it is from this love that Anakie was born. Anakie is a collaboration between an Austrain rider; Erin and an American rider named Andrew. After many years of traveling to the states to snowboard, Erin had realized that the women's outerwear market just wasn't cutting it. She returned to Australia to complete her fashion design degree and with Andrew's knowledge and help began Anakie Outerwear. They both know that girls want to ride with the guys, but don't necessarily want to look like them. They will continue to provide style and help the progression of women's snowboardering.

Our Philosophy
At Anakie we aim to continue the development of female riding by providing women with technical and unique outerwear. Anakie will continue to evolve with the sports fashion by always providing the latest style in an entire look, right down to the matching accessories. Designed by riders, for rider, Anakie will never compromise on comfort, quality or performance.

Start with snowboarding, add 2 cups fun, 1 1/2 cups girls, 1 pound style a pinch of powder, and a whole lot of Crazy. Stir and bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until golden. Garnish with some goggle bang.

Anakie began operations in 2004

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New Gear From Anakie This Season

20,000mm Waterproof 3in1 jacket and pant with metallic gold print
20,000mm Waterproof Puffy Jacket
Pants with detatchable braces for style when you want it
Jacket to Pant attaching interface to keep powder out of those hard to reach places.

Where to Buy Anakie Online

You can also purchase Anakie directly from their website

Anakie - Their Specialties

Anakie focuses on females, rather than being an offshoot of a mens brand. We make a unique fit specific to female riders with a freestyle focus. We combined technical outerwear with fashionable colors and styles.

Anakie Service

Anakie is offering a Complimentary jacket to stores who place orders exceeding $3000.00 and a Complete Outfit for oreders that exceed $5000.00. Check out Anakie's booth (# F47) at the SIA Las Vegas trade show, Anakie can also bee seen in Mammoth Mountain, California and in the park at Copper Mt Colorado. Email us for info on promotions and giveways!

Other Brands in the Anakie Family

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