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About Bern Unlimited LLC

One-helmet, all seasons, for all action sports, Dennis Leedom and a team of passionate industry experts announce the launch of Bern Unlimited, an upstart helmet company bringing much needed energy and innovation to the helmet market.

Bern is offering 10 All Season models, including 5 Female Specific designs, all using a new type of helmet construction: either patent pending Zipmold™ or patented Brock Foam.

“Sixty-percent of riders don’t wear helmets because existing products have failed to draw them in,” said Bern Unlimited Managing Director and Founder Dennis Leedom. “By giving them something they can truly get excited about, Bern will attract more riders to helmets. It’s an entirely new experience in look, fit and comfort - all in a single package.”

The team Dennis has brought together has the passion and experience to successfully execute the Bern vision of reinventing action sport head protection, and sparking growth in the category. “The winter market wants the look and feel of a hat, with the head protection of a helmet. Thanks to a great team of developers, this is exactly what we are delivering in designs and technology that provide both comfort and style,” says Leedom.

A top tier list of athletes are taking notice and jumping on board. Supporting the brand this winter are snowboarders, Seth Wescott, Lindsey Jacobellis, Scotty Lago, Brett Butcher, Roger Post, Avery Karas, Forrest Shearer and skiers Chris Collins, Brandon Becker, Ben Wheeler, Jonny Law, Stacey Rachdorf, Eron Turnipseed, Ben Moon, Decker Jory, and Witt Foster. Skateboarders Andy Macdonald, Will Powers, and Falco Baltys have also joined the force

“To Bern and our athletes, actions sports isn’t an industry, it's a lifestyle. Bern is here to support that lifestyle” said Josh Walker, marketing manager, Bern Unlimited. “Lindsey wakeboards and Seth skates in the same lid they use for snowboarding. They love the fit, style and versatility.”

Bern Unlimited LLC began operations in 2005

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New Gear From Bern Unlimited LLC This Season

Like to listen to music while you ride? We've got you covered, no matter which lid you want to wear. Our 8Tracks Audio system is available with every one of our helmets. Upgrade knit liners are available in Plaids, Corduroys, Audio, and visor knits. Multiple of our premium upgrades are lined with fur as well, to give you the ultimate comfort.

Looking for something with a fresh new style? Check out the Bern Baker. A visor lid unlike any other, cutting edge design made this helmet what it is. Don't be scared that it doesn't have any venting...this lid breathes like crazy because of our porous patented Brock Foam! No vents, but no sweat? It doesn't get any better than that.

Bern Unlimited LLC - Their Specialties

Bern has revolutionized head protection. The first company to provide a full line of women-specific head protection, Bern offers 5 models for men and five models for women. The concept is simple - one helmet for all seasons/action sports. Snap-in liners allow you to quickly switch your helmet from winter to summer so you can skate, wakeboard, or bike in the same helmet, right after you get off the slopes! Through innovative designs and materials use, we are able to give our customers exactly what they want!

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