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About BetterThanAir

BetterThanAir designs, manufacturers and markets oxygen-enriched products including portable oxygen products; Oxycan, BlueAir, O2go, 3rdLung Kit, Oxycan and HangOverAir. These products are used to help people better manage their altitude adjustments but providing a portable source for additional oxygen.

BetterThanAir began operations in 2001

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New Gear From BetterThanAir This Season

Oxycan, 3rdLung Kit, O2go-XL, personal oxygen system are the most used supplemental oxygen products in Colorado. Don't be left back sucking for air!

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You can also purchase BetterThanAir directly from their website

BetterThanAir - Their Specialties

Best quality oxygen; first in the market; small, easy to carry and use.

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Free shipping to any ski resort area; 10% disounts for returning customers.

Other Brands in the BetterThanAir Family

BetterThanAir offers the following supplemental oxygen products: BlueAir, Oxycan, HangOverAir, O2go, O2go-XL, 3rdLung Kit, Skier's Supplemental Oxygen Kit.

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