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About Fortress EyeWear

Makers and distributors of Kreed eyewear and goggles, Crush eyewear and goggles, Crush Couture eyewear, and Vortex sports eyewear

Fortress EyeWear began operations in 2002

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New Gear From Fortress EyeWear This Season

Great new styles and shapes from Crush, Kreed, and Vortex eyewear and Crush and Kreed snow goggles. We bring fashion and fun to the moderate priced eyewear and goggle consumer. Perfect for economic times like these where consumers are looking for the best quality eyewear and goggles at a value price. Look no further for the best styles and shapes in eyewear with retro 80's designs, big and bold shapes, aviators that make even Avril Lavigne a happy camper and a host of other shapes and styles with hints of bright colors and gradient lenses. All made from the highest grade optical quality material with a lifetime warranty. Crush and Kreed snow goggles have all the same key features also that make us the best choice for snow goggles at a moderate price. We use all the best quality materials in our goggles that compare us with others at "twice the price." Rock on with Crush, Kreed, and Vortex eyewear and snow goggles!

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Fortress EyeWear - Their Specialties

In 2002 we set out to buy a pair of sunglasses that we would actually pay cash for and wear them...for under $45. Simple mission right? Wrong! Nada a style or brand on the market to fit the bill. Nothing for our active youth driven market and no passion in the shops for anything under $45. Just the proverbial rack glass for the drugstore cowboy..So with a little help from some super nice folks that we hardly knew that believed in our vision(no pun) and 25 years of experience building premium brands under our belts, blast off! Kreed, and Crush sunglasses start at $14 retail. Crush Couture, and Vortex sunglasses start at $30 retail. Take the same formula with goggles in these brands starting at $49.99 Great styles that fit and great lens quality all 100% UV protective. Our reps also provide the best customer service to make sure that these brands are not just on the displays but making the retailer "more bank for his or her buck. " Blessings.....

Fortress EyeWear Service

Fortress is a family business built on a strong foundation. This season Crush and Kreed eyewear will support a grass routes marketing approach by giving sunglasses and goggles out to help retailer relations, supporting college sneezers, youth groups, bands, athletes, ministries and missions to reach a lost world. A good barbeque is always possible also! Our message is simple, the purpose should be fun just like the product. See you on the road, we'll get you dialed in!

Fortress EyeWear Certifications

Fortress Group works closely with both its employees and retail accounts as family. Fortress Group trains its employees through sunglass and goggle clinics and "hands on" training in the stores. Fortress Group trains its retail customer base with regular scheduled optical clinics. Fortress Group also encourages its employee's to take college classes and take Crown Ministries to better understand stewardship of the Lord's resources.

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