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HOTWEARS is a fresh and dynamic new company based in Vancouver, BC. Helmed by 3 dynamic women, their mission is to eliminate cold suffering by providing customizable warmth and comfort with HOTWEARS.

With roots in the wardrobe department of the film industry, the HOTWEARS crew has utilized their knowledge and experience to fabricate a comfortable way in which to Wear the Warmth. There are currently five versatile pieces in the line that use Hot Packs, whose sole purpose is to make the world a warmer place. HOTWEARS are widely used by everyone. Hockey, football and soccer moms and dads, hunters and fisherman, outdoor enthusiasts, and spectator folks as well!

Anywhere you find the cold, you will find people experiencing the Magic of HOTWEARS!

The brainchild of two film and commercial wardrobe stylists, HOTWEARS was born of the need to keep Directors and Crew Warm and Comfortable during long outdoor shoots! Initially a rudimentary BodyBand made of flannel was designed so that one could WEAR the Hot Packs! This increased the effectiveness of the Hot Packs while providing versatility as to WHERE you could Wear the Warmth! The amazing feedback experienced, encouraged us to expand the ways in which to wear the Hot Packs on other parts of the body… The NeckWrap, PocketScarf, HeadBand and HandHeater were added to the HOTWEARS line! Now you can stay warm and cozy anywhere with the wearable radiant Heat provided by HOTWEARS.

HOTWEARS are designed with Love in Canada! Since everyone's tolerance to the cold is different, HOTWEARS allow you to customize your level of heat by using as many Hot Packs as you need. Each HOTWEARS piece comes with two HeatMax® HotHands®. Use the HotHands for maximum heat, or if you desire just a touch of warmth and comfort, HOTWEARS are great on their own! Staying hot for up to 10 hours, HotHands are eco friendly as they are made of all natural ingredients, biodegradable, completely odorless and are air activated. (For your convenience, compartments will easily hold your re-usable Hot Packs.)

Our customers' peace of mind is important to us. We have selected HeatMax HotHands to include with every HOTWEARS piece because not only are they the best on the market but eco-friendly as well. You can enjoy them knowing you are being responsible to the environment. We accept the role we all play in sustaining and protecting our natural world, and will continue to search for options that are caring and considerate of all its members.

HOTWEARS began operations in 2004

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HOTWEARS - Their Specialties

Product Highlights · Two eco-friendly HeatMax® HotHands® included with every HOTWEARS product!
· Each Unisex piece is made with high quality Microfleece and tucks into itself for Storing!
· Four fashionable, reversible color combinations and sizes to fit every body perfectly!
· Ideal with or without Hot Packs!
· HOTWEARS makes the Perfect Gift…always appreciated and affordable! EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF HOTWEARS!


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