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About Ibex Outdoor Clothing

For nearly a decade, Ibex has worked hard to stay on the leading-edge of the outdoor performance apparel industry, bringing our unique and increasingly versatile range of natural fiber clothing to outdoor enthusiasts the world over, and converting even the most skeptical consumers to wool.

Founders John Fernsell and Peter Helmetag came together in 1997 with their shared vision of crafting modern wool clothing that could offer what “old” wool and new synthetics could not—true comfort, ultimate performance features, and understated, appealing style. “We chose wool not because it was “cool” or “retro,” but because it works better and is more sustainable than synthetics. It just feels right,” says John.

Both John and Peter brought their enthusiasm for outdoor pursuits such as Nordic skiing, mountaineering, and rock climbing to the company. John was tired of searching for backcountry skiing clothing that really performed. “Everything looked the same and didn’t work. It was all either Gore-Tex® or polyester fleece.” Rather than continue to be frustrated by these non-choices, Fernsell and Helmetag decided to create their own solution.

Ibex set up its headquarters in Woodstock, Vermont and still calls the small New England village home, even as Ibex extends its roots across North America and the globe. The initially small product line, which included classics like the Zepher Zip-T and the Bregenz Jacket, has since expanded into a complete range of pieces from baselayers to jackets to accessories.

At the cornerstone of Ibex is the Merino fiber, and a passion for the renewable, ultra-soft, high-performing fabrics knitted from this extraordinarily dynamic fiber continues to drive the company’s overarching vision. Today our Merino is sourced from sheep stations located in the high alpine pastures of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, where farmers make sustainable practice a priority. We carry their commitment to the environment into our offices, always looking out for sustainable ways to grow our company.

The Ibex team believes in striking a balance between smart, technical innovation and simple, clean design. From our exclusive Climawool softshell jackets to the softest Merino layers available, we aim to offer our customers the best of what nature and human creativity has to offer. On top of our superior fabrics and inspired designs, add our commitment to dedicated, personalized customer service, and you’ll discover a product, a company, and a customer experience that “just feels right.”

Ibex Outdoor Clothing began operations in 1997

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New Gear From Ibex Outdoor Clothing This Season

For the coming seasons, the Ibex collection includes high-quality apparel for men and women. The Merino fiber in these pieces naturally regulates body temperature, keeping the wearer comfortable in all conditions. Some key pieces in this season’s line:

Kate - A modern women’s top crafted of silky 17.5 micron Merino, Ibex’s lightest Merino.

Long Trail Sweater – A mid-weight cozy sweater of super-washed Merino for men and women features a knit-in narrow contrast stripe down the center of the back.

Vertigo Jacket – With styles for men and women, the Vertigo is also offered as a vest. Ibex’s new flat Loden lends this jacket luster and versatility.

Woolster Pant – Soft twill pants with modern styling and retro appeal. These classics are offered for both men and women and are made of a winter-weight wool blend with added stretch.

Suburban Hats – For fun and comfort, this season’s playful accessory is the cozy hand-knit hat with ear flaps and ties.

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Ibex Outdoor Clothing - Their Specialties

We believe in working towards sustainability in every sense of the word. The Merino wool that sets our clothing apart is both an annually renewable and biodegradable resource, but our commitment to being a “green” company goes beyond using it and other natural fibers to craft our garments. For example, we’ve made fewer and smaller catalogs this season, and we’ve made them using post-consumer waste paper produced by wind power. And as a growing business, we understand the importance of our responsibility to the animals, the sheep stations, the mills, the factory workers, the communities, our customers, and the ecosystems that sustain us.

So what’s next for us? Our offices will continue to be 100% powered by one of Vermont’s finest natural resources—Cow Power!*

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