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About Icelantic Boards

We are an innovative ski company from CO, this is our third year on the market. The core concept behind our ski design investigates and exhibits the importance of a ski's surface area. We call our skis AT Boards because of the versatility of each of the skis ability, from tight east coast trees, to big lines in Alaska to champagne powder in Colorado. We aim to reintroduce fun and convenience back into the ski industry and once you try a pair, you'll see why.

Icelantic was a childhood dream of founder Ben Anderson, 24. During middle and highschool, Ben interned at several local manufacturers in the Denver area, and learned the art of ski construction. After attending Western Washington University for 2 years of industrial design, Ben decided it was time to get serious. He returned to Colorado, bought a used ski press and began pressing skis in the garage of his parents house in Evergreen, CO. With his passion for skiing and a keen sense of design and detail, Ben noticed a gap in the market and decided to pursue a ski that would fill the void. From this was born the Scout, Icelantic's pioneer ski of 2004.

The Scout was introduced at SIA in LasVegas in January of 2004. The first year out in the market proved extremely successful as measured by the amount of people that tried them and the percentage of those that bought.

The design of the boards, especially the length (143cm) is a big deterrent for many people. The dimensions and composites of the skis, however, make riding the Scout, similar to skiing a 180cm shaped ski. That is, with out the extra 40cm infront of you.

From the Scout, we designed the Nomad (13cm longer) with the same materials, and dimensions; the Pilgrim, our park/slalom carver; and the Shaman, our unprecedented tapered powder ski that holds one hell of an edge! The company is now made up of Ben Anderson, founder and US Sales, Annelise Loevlie, International Sales and Marketing; Travis Cook, R&D, Sam Warren, soft goods; and Travis Parr, Head artist - All Colorado natives and lont time friends.

Our Mission is to initiate innovation in the snow sports industry by exploring the importance of a ski's surface area and introducing a revolutionary product designed to reduce unneccesary length while providing unmatched performance. We will continually apply the latest ski technology with Colorado craftsmanship and cutting edge graphic art to ensure the highest quality product on the market.

Icelantic Boards began operations in 2004

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New Gear From Icelantic Boards This Season

New this year is the Nomad, Pilgrim and the Shaman. The Nomad is a longer version of our pioneer ski, the Scout. Standing 156cm tall with a 140mm tip, 105mm waist and 130mm tail the Nomad remains a true All Terrain board. The poplar wood core maintains stiffness and rigidity, the dimensions create a large surface area (= to 185cm shaped ski) which allows for stability at high speeds and quick response time in tight situations. They also float in the pow.

The Pilgrim (127mm, 90mm, 115mm) is our park/slalom carver ski. We made this ski stiff with a softer tail to butter landings, but the tortional rigidity allows for a super aggressive hold during carves. In the park or on an icy slope - don't be afraid to use these.

The Shaman (160mm, 110mm, 130mm) is our revolutionary powder ski. The tapered design allows the skier to maintain a forward aggressive stance in deep snow, without the tips diving. You can charge anything on these and there is no chatter in the shovels!

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You can also purchase Icelantic Boards directly from their website

Icelantic Boards - Their Specialties

Our skis are designed around the importance of surface area, not length, we have original art for graphics and all of our products are handmade in Colorado! Conventional wisdom suggests the need for length on a ski to maintain speed and stability. It is, however, the overall surface area, not just length that creates this. So, we made shorter, fatter skis that are more responsive, stable and versatile than anything out there. From tight trees, to big lines to cold, wet crud, our AT Boards will charge through what Mother Nature dishes out.

Icelantic Boards Service

We are happy to offer anyone in the industry proform deals. We also hold demos at various mountains across the country and Canada, so be sure to check our website for dates and locations.

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