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About Nanofilm

Nanofilm is a nanotechnology company that develops products for sports optics. Our Clarity line includes cleaners and antifog treatment for precision optics. It's an outgrowth of our product line developed for eyecare professionals, photography and cinematography markets. Our goal is to provide athletes a crisp, clear, fog-free view -- whether they're wearing goggles, sunglasses or eyewear so they can perform their best. Our products meet the highest quality standards and are sold around the world.

Clarity™ Defog It is the anti-fog cleaner that works on all lenses, even AR and super hydrophobics. 20 minutes over direct steam can’t fog it. 100 moves in and out of cold can’t fog it. Clarity Defog It is available in liquid and towelettes.

Clarity lens care, available in spray or towelettes, receives the highest ratings for cleaning effectiveness and safety in independent tests. It’s safe for all lenses and coatings, including all anti-reflective and mirror coatings. There is never any haze, residue or streaking. Available in a 1-oz, 4-oz sprays, 21-pack of moist towelettes, and a Deluxe Care Kit which includes a spray, microfiber cloth, 3 moist towelettes, and an optical screwdriver in a recloseable see-through case. Clarity care is the right choice for eyewear, goggles and faceshields, cameras and telescopes, electronic displays, binoculars and more. Pefect your view with Clarity care.

Nanofilm began operations in 1986

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New Gear From Nanofilm This Season

Clarity Defog It is Nanofilm's latest breakthrough product. It was developed to provide a fog-free view for all lenses and optics -- even those with the newest anti-reflective, super-hydrophobic and permanent anti-fog coatings. In brutal tests simulating real-world use, Defog It outperformed anything else on the market. After 60 minutes over direct steam, it stayed clear. Defog It also provides the convenience of a cleaner and anti-fog in one. Nothing could be simpler -- or work better. Available in both a re-usable dry cloth, and liquid bottle.

Nanofilm - Their Specialties

The difference in Clarity products is performance -- developed by research and development specialists in nanotechnology.

Other Brands in the Nanofilm Family

Nanofilm also makes Clarity Defender, the Clarity Defender™ Automotive Windshield Treatment. It coats automotive glass with an invisible, water-repellant barrier that can last up to 1 full year. it also creates an easy-clean barrier to snow, ice, bugs and bird droppings. Most soils release with just wipers and washer fluid. Defender is advanced nanotechnology, forming a barrier molecule-by-molecule that chemically bonds to glass. That’s why it outperforms the leading rain-repellent.

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