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If you're an aggressive skier or boarder, you dread the "burn" and next-day soreness. And it's not your imagination: They really do get worse with each passing year. Unless you take SportLegs pre-sports vitamins an hour ahead. You can enjoy your sport again with the legs you took for granted ten or fifteen years ago, yet with even less next-day soreness. They really work: SKI magazine testers wrote, "You could down a couple of beers or ibuprofen to relieve the pain. But if you'd like to give your liver- as well as your muscles- a break, consider SportLegs. They prevent your muscles from producing more lactic acid than you can burn off. You can push yourself harder, remarkably free of pain." Winter Park, Colorado ski shop owner Wendy Christensen reported, "Leg 'burn' has kept me from skiing the last couple of years. And it bothers a lot of our customers. After a couple of days, they bring back their rental gear. They say, 'I have to take a day off. I'm just too sore to go.' I tried the SportLegs, and it was amazing. It was like night and day. It gave me back the feeling I could go ski anytime, anywhere, with anybody, and not worry about the leg ache. And I wasn't sore either, afterwards. I'm sold. it's definitely been one of the best things I've come across. To find a product like this, and be able to stand behind it, and know that it really works, is a real plus." So get your own SportLegs this season. Or you'll be another year older when you do.

SportLegs began operations in 2000

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We've improved our formula to remove gelatin and soy, and held the line on price increases.

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Nothing else works this well with such healthy ingredients. SportLegs works so well for mountain sports, it's been used to help win five consecutive US National mountain bike racing championships. Australian customer Simon Quirk concludes, "Great product, I can't believe everyone doesn't use it. Safe, legal ticket to hammer harder for longer."

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SportLegs is available online at, plus thousands of specialty ski, bike and running retailers in the US.

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